Grain Receiving Hours & Announcements
Please join us on Jan 28th @ 9AM at the Hankinson Community Center for coffee and donuts while JSA talks about their upcoming markeing programs for corn and what they are seeing in the markets globally. 
We will also be talking about what we are seeing here locally and our alternative marketing contracts.
Please RSVP to Ryan, Jeremy or Liz by 1/24.
Marketing Contracts
Give Ryan or Jeremy a call on current quotes and types of contracts available or help answer any questions, 701-242-9432 or 701-242-9435.  

Current Accumulators:

July 20- 4.17/3.75

Dec 20- 4.32/3.76

March 21- 4.40/3.75

July 21- 4.46/3.90

Dec 21- 4.31/3.80 

*Prices subject to change with market conditions.


7AM-5PM this week.

**Please notify Scale-House when tickets needs to be split!**

On Farm Pickup
Any interest in us coming out to your farm with our own trucks and loading your grain ourselves, let me know.  We have experienced drivers who can let you go and get other work done while we take care of getting your grain to our facility.
Cash Advances 
65% of the value of your corn  based on your basis value and closing board price.
-Must contact Ryan or Liz and let them know.
-All bu's must be delivered to be eligible.
To contact the Scale House directly, please call 701-242-9460

We do not accept Enogen, Durcade, or Chrome corn at this time. 

To sell corn, call Ryan Fitts at 701-242-9432 (direct) or 701-640-6519 (cell) or call Jeremy Rolf at 701-242-9435 (direct) or 763-244-0822 (cell)
Call Liz 701-242-9475 for questions with Settlements/Contract Balance/Checks/Portal
PLEASE send all signed contracts to