Grain Receiving Hours & Announcements
**Please notify Scale-House when tickets needs to be split!**

Offer Plus (12/31)
Get a premium on your cash corn of up to .11  
How does it work: Willing to pay you a premium for bushes delivered now or any month if you are willing to sell me a like amount of new crop bushels at a certain futures level for new crop.  Example: I am willing to pay you an .11 premium on top of my posted bid if you are willing to sell me 4.20 futures at new crop Dec 19'.  If at expiration, 11/20/19, we are not at 4.20 on the Dec 19' futures there is no obligation for those bushels to be marketed to me.  Dec 19' can trade above 4.20 at anytime but only on 11/20/19 does it matter if the price is at or above 4.20 for you to owe us those bushels.  If triggered on 11/20/19, you would still have to set basis (which can be done prior), but my worst bss last year for new crop was -57, which equates to a 3.63 cash price.  That's not the worst place to have some new crop sold.  Tons of different strike prices or delivery periods available.  Give me a call and I can help answer any questions, 701-242-9432 or 701-640-6519.      

Marketing tools of the day (12/31)
CH9 Accumulator- accumulate bushels at 3.88- market at 3.74
CN9 Accumulator- accumulate bushels at 4.05- market at 3.89
CU9 Accumulator- accumulate bushels at 4.16- market at 3.92
CZ9 Accumulator- accumulate bushels at 4.25- market at 3.96

Max Moisture taken: 18.0, shrink 2.25%/point down to 15%

Cash Advances 
65% of the value of your corn  based on your basis value and closing board price
To contact the Scale House directly, please call 701-242-9460

We will accept all Syngenta corn except Enogen or Durcade corn traits

To sell corn, call the Ryan Fitts at 701-242-9432 (direct) or 701-640-6519 (cell)
Call Liz 701-242-9475 for questions with Settlements/Contract Balance/Checks/Portal