EW: Corrective Bonds Indicate Resistance On Stocks

Hello traders!
Today we will talk about the bond and stock market and their correlations.

As you can see, US and German Bonds are moving more or less together and the same thing is with US and German stocks. Of course, there are no perfect correlations, but overall looking they are in positive correlation.
At the same time bonds and stocks are also more or less in negative correlation and again, there are no perfect correlations, but at the end they always somehow get caught.

Well, what we currently see fromElliott Waveperspective is that both, US and German bond market might be finishing their corrections, which would be limited for the stock market. So, if we are on the right path, then stocks may face a resistance, at least a temporary. US stocks (S&P500) may see a decline from the upperending diagonalline, while German stocks (DAX) may face a temporary resistance at the upper channel line.

However, this is not the case yet, but if bond market suddenly bounces and stock market declines in strong and impulsive fashion, then we should be aware of the potential risk-off sentiment that can lasts for some time.

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BUND + 10Y US NOTES vs. DAX + S&500

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